Timothy P. TsaiExecutive Vice President

Timothy P. Tsai serves as the Executive Vice President and Head of Asia for New Standard Holdings Inc.

Tim was one of the original executives of New Standard and has been central to the development of the Greater China market. He serves on the Board of New Standard China Ltd., a Joint Venture with CCIEC as well as a Director with New Standard China Holdings Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary based in Hong Kong. Tim is focused on leveraging the Macro-Shift of China’s appetite for hydrocarbons with the glut of supply from North America. He is the Managing Partner of VanMeterTsai, a Hong Kong based Venture Capital firm as well as the CEO of Flow Fusion Research Lab, a human-centric market research Think Tank in Technology evolution. Previous to New Standard, Tim served in multiple positions with Texas Instruments in four countries, most recently as the General Manager of their Supply Chain Business Unit in Dallas.

Tim holds a Phd. candidate in Supply Chain System Engineering from SMU, extending the traditional SCM to cover Innovation Cycle and Production Cycle management. He also received his MSEM from SMU and BSEE from NTU, Taiwan. Tim is a native of Hong Kong and resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two kids. Tim speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin fluently.